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Koala, Land and Wildlife Support Inc. (KLAWS Inc.) are a dedicated group of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are dedicated in delivering Koala and wildlife rescue and care while providing support and promoting awareness in local communities. Our goal is to secure already established care facilities, located to the North of Toowoomba, to bridge the gap in Koala and wildlife care and create connectivity for Koalas and other species through landowner participation.

Emergency Rescues

If you find an injured animal, please contact the number below. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Donations are required to continue to rescue Koalas in QLD, Aus. Help us purchase our much needed land & infrastructure.

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Based in Toowoomba

KLAWS Inc. are based in the Toowoomba Region, with our main facility, Stormberg, 28 kilometers to the North of Toowoomba, Queensland. The Toowoomba region is in desperate need of additional Koala care and rehabilitation facilities and it is our aim to secure Stormberg for the incorporation to continue to benefit our local wildlife and wider community. KLAWS Inc. aim to collaborate available resources and improve access to essential services and support for carers and the community. KLAWS Inc. will continue to seek support (grants, funding or other) to provide the ongoing rescue, care, rehabilitation, and release of injured or ill wildlife along with enhanced community support, education and awareness.

Image Right: Water for Wildlife, Wildlife Water Station

Our Beginning

Our KLAWS Inc. journey began after the passing of our dearest friend and inspirational koala carer, Clare Gover, of Return to the Wild Inc. 

Clare courageously battled with cancer and was incredibly organising wildlife rescues two weeks prior to her passing in June of 2019. She was dedicated to her koala rescues and committed to saving the Koala species. She has truly inspired those around her, with her friends and support network following on her legacy in any way possible. 

We speak on behalf of all of those touched by Clare, in saying that Clare will be forever missed and that we are all doing our utmost to continue her voluntary work, save our Koalas and fulfill her dreams of developing a permanent and working koala hospital on her property, Stormberg.

Clare had established her Koala hospital, multiple rehabilitation enclosures and a Eucalypt plantation on Stormberg, but sadly did not get to see this operating to its full potential before she lost her battle with cancer.  

It is our vision to secure the property to allow for the ongoing use and expansion of these facilities for our wildlife carers in the region. 

The Koala hospital at Stormberg is surrounded by mature vegetation and is often frequented by countless species of marsupials, mammals, birds, other wildlife species and its own Koala population. The koala habitat is crucial to local populations.  

We envisage endless benefits to the wider community by obtaining this property under the incorporation and wish to see it at its full working capacity. 


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