We would like to express our gratitude to the Toowoomba Regional Council Environmental Grants Program for their invaluable support of KLAWS Inc. in acquiring an additional dual enclosure for Koala and wildlife rescues. Thanks to their generous contribution, we have been able to enhance our rescue efforts and provide a safer environment for the animals in our care.

These new enclosures have been designed with the utmost consideration for the well-being and security of the wildlife. They are equipped with full security measures to ensure that the animals are protected during their stay. The enclosures also offer ample shade, providing a comfortable and stress-free environment for the animals.

One of the key features of these enclosures is the removable flooring, which greatly facilitates the sanitisation process. This feature allows us to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the animals, reducing the risk of any potential diseases or infections.

The size of these enclosures is particularly beneficial for wildlife awaiting transport to a recognised wildlife hospital or veterinarian. It provides them with sufficient space to move around and minimises any additional stress they may experience during this transitional period. Additionally, the enclosures are ideal for animals that require assessment for diseases such as Chlamydia, as they offer a controlled and monitored space for observation and treatment.

These enclosures serve as temporary accommodation for wildlife before they are transferred to a dedicated wildlife carer. Their transportability makes it convenient to loan or relocate them to wildlife carers within the region, ensuring that animals in need receive the care and attention they require in a timely manner.

We extend our sincere thanks to the Toowoomba Regional Council Environmental Grants Program for their invaluable support. With their help, we can continue to make a significant impact on the welfare and conservation of koalas and other wildlife in our region.