Our Koala Hospital

Saving our Koala Hospital

Clare had a secure Koala hospital, large secured undercover enclosure and several pre-release enclosures with large climbing trees established on her property in Geham, Queensland. This hospital and associated enclosures are serviced by a large solar set-up and rainwater tanks fed from the hospital roof. There is ample room for additional enclosures to be established along with a suitable building pad, installed in 2019, that would allow for secondary buildings to be installed (i.e. visitors centre, meeting rooms, veterinary clinic, quarters etc.).

Not only is the property facilitated for koala and wildlife rehabilitation, it is also excellent Koala and wildlife habitat, with Koalas spotted regularly along the creek line within the property and in surrounding properties in the area.

On Clare’s passing, her private property has been passed down to her caring daughter who has graciously allowed for us to continue to utilise the facilities while funding is sought. The facility is currently being utilised by carers for rescued Koalas. 


Image by Doug Gimesy

Koala Hospital

The Eucalypt Plantation

The property includes a Eucalyptus tree plantation that includes a variety of Koala feed tree species. The process of collecting leaf for wildlife carers is time consuming, physically taxing and can take hours of driving to reach locations with suitable and accessible food sources for koalas in care. This plantation will provide leaf to carers holding Koalas and save countless hours of driving and intensive leaf cutting. 

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